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New Year Resolutions for the Farmers to Make More Profit

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
Farmer in India

It has become a tradition to make resolutions with the New Year. These include achieving goals like losing weight or saving a certain amount of money or changing a behavior. 

Same is with farmers. Though, farmers could have an endless list or resolutions spanning the farm, family, and personal growth. Here is a must list of New Year resolutions for farmers to apply in 2019.  

1. Conversations with Consumers: 

It is important as it helps us to know about consumer food choices. Farmers must also listen to the reasons they make them.  

Farmers should be patient and active enough to listen to consumer choices. First, listen to them and then answer to their query and make them understand your point of view. 

If the consumers are asking, then it’s good for you as it shows interest. Hence, take advantage of this opportunity to connect.  

2. Choose Healthier Food Choices:  

Mostly farmers eat lunch in the tractor.  Farmers must eat healthy food. They should avoid unhealthy foods as those meals can translate into added pounds, leading to health issues. 

Adding to that, many rural areas lack doctors and hospitals, seeking medical care is a challenge. During planting and harvest, most farmers don’t have time to visit the doctor, even if there is one nearby. 

Make small changes such as choosing grilled or baked over fried. 

3. Learn about one part of agriculture you aren’t directly involved in: 

Stepping into another lane of agriculture has many benefits. Connecting with farmers of other fields helps you to gain knowledge of different agricultural areas. It expands your knowledge about the areas you aren’t familiar with. 

4. Connect with Your Legislators:  

Connect with our elected officials. If a bill affecting agriculture crosses their desk, we need to be their first call. If farmers aren’t connected with the decision makers, they can’t hear how potential legislation can affect us and vote accordingly. We must take that step and make those connections, not wait on them to find us. 

5. Spend time with your family:  

Lastly, make time to spend with your family away from the farm. Go on a trip, even if it’s just for the day. Farming is a wonderful life for our family, but it’s good to get away sometimes. 

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