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Rajasthan Budget 2022: CM Gehlot Presents Exclusive Agriculture Budget For the First Time

The Rajasthan govt led by CM Ashok Gehlot presented a budget exclusively for the farm sector with an aim to give a boost to and ensure overall development of the agriculture sector in the state.

Ayushi Raina
CM Ashok Gehlot government has presented a budget solely for the farm sector
CM Ashok Gehlot government has presented a budget solely for the farm sector

With the aim of boosting and ensuring the overall development of the agriculture sector, the Ashok Gehlot government has presented a budget solely for the farm sector. This is the first time in history of Rajasthan a separate budget for agriculture has been announced. 

The exclusive agriculture budget, proposed for the first time, will meet farmers' expectations and improve agricultural productivity in the state. 

In line with election promises, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced the creation of one lakh jobs in the fiscal year 2022-2023. By conducting the Rajasthan Entrance Examination for Teachers (REET), 62,000 youth would be hired as teachers at various levels. 

Gehlot also announced a scheme in which 20,000 women from various districts will be offered "work from home" jobs to augment their family's income. 

The Chief Minister, who also holds the finance portfolio, announced the setting up of one thousand new English medium schools, including the establishment of 1,000 new English medium schools, for which a new cadre of English teachers would be hired to provide quality English medium teaching. 

Gehlot said that fiscal indicators suggest estimated revenue receipts of Rs.2 lakh 14 thousand 977 crore and 23 lakhs.  The expenditure was Rs.2 lakh 38 thousand 465 crores and 79 lakhs, against this receipt. Thus, the revenue deficit was Rs.23 thousand 488 crores and 56 lakhs, and the expected fiscal deficit was Rs.23 thousand 488 crores and 56 lakhs and the estimated fiscal deficit stood at Rs.58 thousand 211 crores, and 55 lakhs.

This is 4.36 percent of the GSDP. 

Gehlot stated that no additional taxes would be levied, as the economic situation has not improved to a satisfactory level because of the COVID pandemic. 

He stated that in the budget proposals for 2022-23, a tax relief of Rs.1500 crore has been provided, which will benefit all sectors. 

In a major announcement, Gehlot stated that the state's major tourism sector would now get the benefits of an industry, allowing it to take benefit of tourism-related incentives. 

In yet another scheme to minimize unemployment, Gehlot announced that under MNREGA, the total number of days under which guaranteed jobs will be given to the rural people would be increased from the current 100 to 125 days. 

Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme, a new scheme to provide jobs to urban youth, would be launched. This scheme would provide urban youth with guaranteed employment in urban areas, similar to MNREGA, which provides rural job guarantees. 

Under another scheme, the state government would set up a state industrial security force in line with the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). 

The agriculture, cooperative, irrigation, animal husbandry and horticulture departments collaborated to create the first-ever agriculture budget. The dairy industry was left out since it is governed by several separate dairy federations that are autonomous. 

A total of Rs.78 thousand 938 crores has been set aside for agriculture, which accounts for 5.9 percent of GDP. 

The separate agricultural budget would provide for an enhanced allocation of funds to the Mukhya Mantri Krishak Sathi Yojana, for which budgetary allocations have been boosted from Rs.2000 crore to Rs.5000 crore, and this financing would cover all 11 missions under the Krishak Sathi Yojana. 

For the first time, the micro-irrigation mission has been included in the agriculture budget, with Rs.2700 crore set aside to establish it as a center of excellence. 5 lakh farmers would benefit from the Rajasthan Micro Irrigation Mission. 

A provision of Rs.600 crore has been made under the Rajasthan Organic Farming Mission, which would benefit 4 lakh farmers. 

Millets (bajra) production has been given incentives under the new agriculture budget with a provision of Rs.100 crore. 

Similarly, budgetary provisions for several agriculture missions have been expanded, and under the farm mechanization mission, 1000 drones will be delivered to farmers for agricultural production surveillance. 

In other major announcements, Gehlot announced a 60 percent subsidy for farmers installing solar pump sets. The expected expenditure under this scheme is Rs.5000 crore, with SC and ST farmers receiving a special subsidy of Rs.45000. 

Another significant statement was made by the Chief Minister, who stated that Rs.6700 crore will be spent on providing 3.38 lakh pending agricultural energy connections. 

Five lakh new farmers would be given interest–free crop loans of Rs.20000 crore. These loan disbursements will have a Rs.650 crore interest subsidy. 

For the non-farming sector, interest-free loans amounting to Rs.2000 crore will be made. 

A separate irrigation provision of Rs.14860 crore would be spent on restructuring several irrigation projects. 

Under Rajiv Gandhi Jal Sanchay Yojana Phase II, Rs.2600 crore would be spent on water harvesting and conservation mission. 

Various activities under the ambitious Eastern Rajasthan canal project would be carried out after the formation of a distinct ERCP company with a budgetary provision of Rs.9600 crore created. 

Gehlot stated that different incentives such as exemptions, rebate reductions by granting refunds and stamp duty reductions have been offered to provide social and economic support to the common man. This would benefit the real estate sector. 

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