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Rajasthan to Launch New 'Agriculture Budget' for Benefit of Farmers: Lal Chand Kataria

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Lal Chand Kataria

Government of Rajasthan prioritizes agriculture, and a new "agriculture budget" will be implemented in the state beginning next year to help farmers realize their dreams, Agriculture Minister Lal Chand Kataria said.

Via advancements, attempts are being made to provide all amenities to farmers online. Kataria noted that the department is now focusing on hiring out farm equipment.

He was reacting to a debate in the state assembly regarding grant demands, during which the House passed Rupees 37.56 billion for farming and Rupees 18.29 billion for animal husbandry divisions on a voice vote.

Farmers will have to follow organic agriculture, Kataria said, adding that more than 1.30 lakh farmers in the state are currently active in organic farming.

He said a new scheme worth Rupees 23 crore has been formulated to conserve camels, and a committee has been created to oversee the animal's conservation.

He encouraged farmers to save rainwater and follow new agricultural practices, adding that this would not only make farming simpler, but also increase profits.

Despite the negative effects of COVID-19, the agriculture and related sector grew at a rate of 3.45 %, according to Kataria.

According to the minister, the state share of premium for the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme has been charged to the tune of Rupees 4,295 crore in the financial years 2019-20 and 2020-21. He also claimed that the previous government's outstanding debt of Rupees 1,135 crore had been charged.

He reported that 56.95 lakh farmers have earned a record payout of Rupees 8,483 crore in insurance claims since January 2019. The state premium has been allocated the highest allocation of Rupees 2,303.22 crore for the year 2020-21. In the past 2 years, he added, the Farmers' Welfare Fund has earned an additional Rs 1,750 crore.

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