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The Tale of “The World’s Richest Dog” Who Owns $500 Million

The world’s Wealthiest Dog, a German Shepherd named Gunther VI, is selling his Miami Mansion for $32 million which amounts to Rs 238 Crore. Yes you read it right. “A Dog” is going to own Rs 238 crores!

Sugandh Bhatnagar
World's Richest Dog - Gunther VI
World's Richest Dog - Gunther VI

The world’s Wealthiest Dog, a German Shepherd named Gunther VI, is selling his Miami mansion for $32 million which amounts to Rs 238 Crore. Yes you read it right - “A Dog” is going to own Rs 238 crores! 

By all means, he is just a regular dog, who spends his mornings playing in the lawn, rolling in the grass, and napping in the shade. The only difference is that he has US$ 500 Million trust in his name, which makes him the World’s Wealthiest Dog. 

According to various sources, a German lady, Karlotta  Liebenstein  gifted her dog Gunther III a multimillion-dollar trust when she passed away in 1992 which was reportedly worth $58 million. Therefore the wealth runs in the Gunther Family and is passed on from one generation to another! 

According to wion, the estate is operated by a group of Italian businessmen under the Gunther Group, but the mansion in Miami is owned and operated by The Gunther Corporation, which is a part of the group. Another interesting fact is that this Tuscan-styled villa was once owned by Madonna but was purchased from her in 2000, reportedly for $ 7.5 Million. The mansion, built-in 1928, personifies luxury and is a sight to behold. It has 9 bedrooms & 8.5 Bathrooms.  

He travels in a private jet for trips to Milan and the Bahamas, where  Gunther VI recently dined out at restaurants every single evening. His handlers make sure that he socializes well.

There’s chef who cooks his breakfast every morning consisting of finest meat, fresh vegetables, rice, occasionally caviar including other delicacies. He sleeps in Madonna’s former Master bedroom, where his red velvet is situated at the moment. 

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