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What is Veda Farming? This Woman Farmer from Telangana is Earning Double Yield through This New Technique

R Lakshmi Reddy, who hails from Kondaparakala village in Manakonduru mandal in neighbouring Karimnagar district, came up with the new method while working in the farm along with her husband.

Chintu Das
Woman Farmer from Telangana
Woman Farmer from Telangana

R Lakshmi Reddy, a woman farmer from Kondaparakala village, Telangana has perfected a farming technique known as "Veda farming". Even the scientists are yet to have a proper grasp of this type of farming technique. Mrs. Reddy has studied till class 5 but has managed to use this technique to its full potential and saved a lot of time along with money. The technique has also helped her in developing a very good yield in her farming fields.

Not knowing the fact that a lady farmer in Telangana has already developed and perfected the Veda farming method, CM, K Chandrasekhar Rao has congratulated a farmer from the Krishna district, AP, when he came to know that the farmer from Krishna district practices the Veda farming method. The CM went further and welcomed Krishna district's farmer, Mr. Uppala Prasada Rao for lunch at his farmhouse to learn further about the farming technique.

Mrs. Reddy, who hails from Kondaparakala village in the Manakonduru Mandal in the neighboring Karimnagar area, developed this new farming method during her working in her farm alongside her husband. The duo had to face a lot of issues that sprung up while developing paddy in their fields. They had to enlist laborers in order to raise the nurseries, at the same time relocate them, and to eliminate weeds.

After that, the duo confronted a worker deficiency when workers halted farming work as they discovered better wages under MGNREGS. At that point the couple needed to spend intensely on chemical fertilizers.

As the work got intense and problematic, Mrs. Reddy started contemplating whether there was an option in contrast to their technique. On a test premise, she abstained from raising nurseries and relocating them. She started broadcasting seeds across the field for them to develop.

Mrs. Reddy soon realized that the amount of seeds needed for spraying was not exactly the seeds required for raising nurseries. She needed to utilize 30 kilos of seed to raise nurseries for 1 acre of land. However, when it came to spraying she understood that 15 kilo of seeds were sufficient.

Mrs. Reddy better half, Tirupati Reddy was likewise astounded at the outcomes and stated: "We are glad to utilize the new strategy. It cut down the expense as well as improved the yield. We are getting five packs of additional paddy also."

The paddy hay is utilized to generate vermicompost and utilized as organic manure. Finding out about Lakshmi's prosperity, T Harish Rao, Finance Minister presented Lakshmi and her farming strategy to farmers of his supporters of Siddipet. Mrs. Reddy does a lot of difficult work in the field and even drives a farm tractor to furrow the ground and shows up at the field on a bicycle. Lakshmi is glad that one of her children is studying B.Sc. Agriculture, while the other one is studying Engineering.

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