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AP Government Would Assist Farmers in Obtaining Mechanised Equipment

The administration has planned to build 10,750 CHCs across the state, according to preliminary information.

Chintu Das

The YSR Farm Mechanisation Scheme was created by the state government to assist farmers with mechanised agriculture equipment. The government would invest Rs 2,133.75 crore under the plan to set up Community Hiring Centres (CHCs) across the state.

The existing Rythu Bharosa Kendras would be connected to these CHCs (RBKs). 

The administration has planned to build 10,750 CHCs across the state, according to preliminary information. The government aims to construct farmers' cooperative societies, which will be linked to the RBKs, before these CHCs are founded. The state government has already spent Rs 98 crore to build 2,520 CHCs. 

These cooperatives would purchase modernised farm equipment such as tractors, cultivators, harvesters, sprayers, and other cultivation and harvesting equipment. The government will give a 40% subsidy and the banks would cover 50% of the cost. The farmers' cooperatives would be responsible for the remaining 10% of the cost of these instruments. The advanced instruments would be housed in CHCs linked to RBKs that farmers could rent for a small fee. They'd deal with the farmers' problems and assist them with farming and harvesting. 

Aside from the 10,750 CHCs, the state government plans to build 1,035 CHC clusters in Krishna, Guntur, and the two Godavari districts, where agriculture, particularly paddy cultivation, is more prevalent. Farmers in these clusters will have access to extra equipment. 

Community Hiring Centers (CHCs) would be established at a cost of Rs 15 lakh, constituency level hubs will be set up at a cost of Rs 1.50 crore, and agricultural machinery will be placed up at a cost of Rs 25 lakh. 

In addition to the Rs 20 lakh each granted by the Central government under the Rastriya Krushi Vikas Yojana, each of these CHCs will get mechanized instruments worth Rs 1,612 crore.

The state government also intends to begin specific training for jobless youngsters in rural areas on how to use these instruments, such as harvesters and cultivators. These trained youngsters will be made available to the RBKs and CHCs to assist farmers. 

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