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Delhi Govt To Set Up Environment Protection Committee To Promote Urban Farming

To train people and raise awareness about urban farming, a Delhi Environment Protection Committee would be formed.

Chintu Das
Terrace Farming
Terrace Farming

According to Environment Minister Gopal Rai, the Delhi government plans to promote "urban farming" throughout the city. Fruits, vegetables, and other plants will be grown on terraces as part of 'urban farming.'

On April 25, experts from the Pusa Institute, as well as other agencies and experts, will participate in a discussion on how to adopt urban farming practices in the city as part of a 'Urban Planning Roundtable Conference,' Rai stated. The Horticulture Department will serve as the initiative's nodal agency.

A training curriculum, according to Rai, will be devised. "With the Pusa Institute's assistance, we will train individuals all around Delhi." There are 300 wards in Delhi, and we are targeting people on a ward-by-ward basis, counting all wards under MCD, NDMC, and Cantt Board. "Master trainers will start a centralised training programme, and then they will train the rest of the population," he stated.

To train people and raise awareness about urban farming, a Delhi Environment Protection Committee would be established. The committee will be made up of elected representatives as well as members of NGOs and RWAs. Residents will also be able to obtain plant-growing materials through special arrangements.

"This will assist us in making urban farming a mainstream movement in which the public plays an important part," Rai added.

Terrace gardening has grown popular of late, because of increasing pressure on land and increasing costs. These gardens can be set up successfully in almost all kinds of buildings like residential flats, individual houses, commercial hubs, go-downs and factories. Roof gardening or Terrace gardening is also an art of creating greenery and it can be maintained on the rooftop. The ideal roof garden can be established with the availability of sufficient sunlight and water.

Even those with no connection to agriculture are busy experimenting with new farming methods and their potential. Those living in cities and those with limited space are opting for terrace farming.

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