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eSaNTA platform to raise the Lives and Income of Farmers: Piyush Goyal

Introduction of Digital platform for marine products and how will it work?

Swati Sharma

Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said that the e-commerce platform ‘eSanta’ for aquatic products would empower farmers as they will be able to sell their produce at just one click through the portal. It will enable farmers to make the spot and forward sales, he added. 

The Minister said that the Marine Products Export Authority should imply the rating system for both buyers and sellers on the portal to one decide accordingly. Currently, 18000 farmers are contributing to the country’s marine exports. 

 Goyal advised that the modern tools and techniques will increase shrimp production to 6-7 lakh tons. The platform provides services like easy registration, detail of buyers and sellers with ratings to help expand the business, and better prices to farmers. 

The platform will change the traditional method of carrying the business from a word-of-mouth basis to a business with more formal and legal bindings. This platform will raise the lives and income of the farmers by reducing risks, awareness of markets, and shielding against unfair practices. 

eSaNta will act as a digital bridge to end the market divide and will act as an alternative marketing tool between farmers and buyers by removing the middleman. 

It will be known as a revolution in aquatic farming by providing a cashless, contactless, and paperless electronic trade platform between farmers, exporters, and the domestic market, Goyal said. 

it is available in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and Odiya. There are plans to make the portal available in other languages too.

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