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4 Fast-Growing Vegetable Crops for Your Kitchen Garden

We receive a sense of accomplishment from growing our vegetables. However, there is no denying that it takes time and work to do. Many veggies take a long time to grow, and we find it tedious to wait and care for them. Here are some vegetables that will sprout in the shortest amount of time if you are a novice and wish to grow vegetables quickly.

Kritika Madhukar
beets can become ready in as short as 40 days
beets can become ready in as short as 40 days

Witnessing the process of a small seed gradually transforming into an edible plant is part of the fun of vegetable gardening. However, it takes time.  Some plants mature in over 100 days! If you're limited on time but yet want to raise your own food, what should you do?

Plant one of these quick-growing garden crops, which is ideal for eager gardeners! Various vegetables mature quickly that you can plant in your yard. Each of the veggies you'll learn about produces higher yields under the correct conditions, whether they're grown in the ground, on raised beds, or in containers.


Microgreens are the fastest growing crop and can be grown right in your kitchen window! They are highly nutritious vegetable or herb seedlings. Chefs love microgreens for their flavor, crunch, and texture, and they're becoming commonly available in grocery stores. Growing your own allows you to select the variety you want, is more cost-effective, and is a terrific way to get some fast greens into your diet.

Some microgreens become edible in 10 to 14 days after seeding, while others take 16 to 25 days. Quick microgreens include arugula, broccoli, mustard, mizuna, and kale, to name a few. Alfalfa, beet, basil, sorrel, and a variety of other popular herbs are among the slower microgreens.

While growing your own, it's best to use seed designed expressly for microgreens, as the seed is usually of superior quality and has been germination tested.


Beet leaves and roots are both edibles, making it a versatile crop. In just a few weeks after sowing, the very nutritious greens can be harvested. Baby beets can be ready in as short as 40 days, while most larger beets take 50-55 days to mature. To mature quickly, they require good spacing and even hydration. Your beets will grow faster if you thin the seedling at the cotyledon stage to 2" to 3" between plants.


Radishes are one of the fastest-growing crops to develop and are a favorite of many gardeners. In just 28 days, you'll have full-size radishes! Sow regularly throughout the summer to assure a steady supply of crisp, tiny radishes with a pleasing sweet/spicy mix. Radishes that have reached maturity become pithy and peppery.


Summer squash, also known as zucchini, is the garden's fastest-bearing crop. In 50 days, you can grow a squash seed and harvest the fruit! Plant in a sunny place when the risk of frost has passed. Leave plenty of room for the big leaves, as some plants can grow to be 4 feet across! Summer squash thrives in hot weather and requires enough water to produce tasty fruits.

Combine regular green zucchini with tender yellow crookneck or unusually shaped pattypan squash. Costata romanesco is an ancient variety of Italy that has a nutty flavor, large plants, and attractive striped fruits.

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