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Kalonji: Farmers will Become Rich by Cultivating These Improved Varieties of Black Cumin

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Improved varieties of black cumin
Improved varieties of black cumin

These days’ farmers are getting attracted towards cultivation of medicinal crops because of their huge demand in the market, which in return gives good income. But there are many farmers who still don’t know about it. In fact, many farmers are involved in cultivation of medicinal crops but they also do not know the right practices.  

Today we will talk about Nigella Sativa (also known as Black seed & Black cumin, and Kalonji in Hindi).   

Nigella Sativa is a high-yielding crop and can generate tremendous profits. Many farmers are aware of it, but not aware of the improved varieties of it that are in demand these days. 

Improved Varieties of Kalonji 

Check out the best varieties of Black Cumin


This is one of the best varieties of kalonji grown in India. The length of its plant is about 2 feet, and production capacity per hectare is up to 8 quintals.  

Azad Krishna 

This variety of nigella is mostly cultivated in Uttar Pradesh & Haryana. Its production capacity is 10 to 12 quintals per hectare. 

Pant Krishna 

It matures in 140 days. Its production capacity is 8 to 10 quintals per hectare.  


This is the improved variety of nigella. Its production capacity is 10 to 15 quintals per hectare and gets ready in 140 to 150 days. 


This is another improved variety of kalonji. This variety is most demanded these days and farmers are cultivating this variety because of its maximum production capacity. Its production capacity is up to 50 quintals per hectare. It matures in 160-170 days.  

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About Nigella Sativa 

Nigella Sativa is used as a dried seed in food. It is also used by pharmaceutical industries for medicinal use and is also used by cosmetic industries. Its high medicinal properties are mentioned in various religious and old literature dated more than 2000 years back.  

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