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7 Soy Recipes That Are Mouth-Watering And Easy To Make

Soybean is considered one of the least expensive sources of dietary protein. The nutritional profile of soybean is almost similar to that of animal protein and is considered a good substituent for animal protein. Here is a list of super-easy dishes you can prepare with soy.

Sangeeta Soni
Mouth-watering Soy recipes
Mouth-watering Soy recipes

Soybean is one of the most affordable sources of dietary protein. Soybean has a nutritional profile that is nearly identical to that of animal protein, making it a suitable animal protein substitute. It is a favorite among vegetarians.

Soybean is one of the popular legumes in Asian kitchens. People consume soybean in many ways including soy curry, soy chunks, soy flour, soy milk, etc. So let us proceed to know about some healthy and tasty dishes prepared with healthy & nutritious soybeans

Healthy Soy Recipes

Here is a list of super-easy dishes you can prepare with soy

Masala Soy Chunks 

This dish can be made with soy chunks and whatever spices you like. You may eat it as a snack or combine it with other appetizers to make a great spicy fusion, or serve it with roti or rice.

Soy Curry 

This is the most common and mainly known as Punjabi meal. You may also add additional veggies to this curry to give it a unique flavor.

Soy Manchurian 

You've probably heard of Chinese Manchurian, non-vegetarian Manchurian, and now soy Manchurian. To make this Indo-Chinese meal, use the same ingredients as regular Manchurian, such as ginger, garlic, onion, and cabbage gravy.

Soy-Oats Pancake 

Pancakes are a simple sweet dish to make. But what if, in addition to deliciousness, this food also contains beneficial nutrients? Yes! Pancakes can be made with soy and grains. Dry fruits can also be added to this.

Soy Pulaav 

Pulaav prepared with rice is common in Indian kitchens. Be it elders, or youngers, everyone loves tasty masala pulaav with added vegetables. You can also add soy chunks to give it an additional taste.  

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Soy-Babycorn fry 

Soy paired with anything gives a yummy delicious taste. And when we pair soy with baby corn, it becomes even tastier. You can also add capsicum to this dish. 

Soybean Laddu 

Soy flour is used to make soybean laddus. Many Indian kitchens produce soybean laddus throughout the winter months. Because our bodies require more nutrients in the winter, soybean laddu with added flours, ghee, and dry fruits might provide this demand.

 Prepare these mouth-watering and healthy dishes for your family and friends. You can also try your own varieties of dishes with varieties of soybeans. After all, the kitchen is the best place for experimenting.  

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