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8 Vegetables to Sow In October to Get Plentiful Harvests

Growing conditions can vary dramatically across the country, and also even within a locality. If you are new to growing and are unsure about exactly what and when to plant in october, try asking other vegetable growers nearby.

Ayushi Raina

The month of October is approaching! Not only does this mean we can finally go outside without squinting and sweating in the scorching heat, but it also means it's the greatest time of year to grow veggies in India.

Autumn planting season began in September, but October is still a wonderful month to start planning your fall garden.

Growing conditions vary greatly across the country, and even within a locality. If you're new to gardening and aren't sure what to do when talking to other vegetable growers in your area. Also, pay attention to the weather and soil conditions.

So, what are your options for planting this month? Many of the same delicious vegetables that we recommended you grow in September are also excellent choices in October. Here's a list to get you started:


Sow overwintering cultivars of Pea in October to enjoy an early supply of delicious peas. Peas are susceptible to attacks by rodents like mice. So, keep an eye out for mice and consider purchasing or making your own cloches to give further protection.

Salad Mixes

Salad mixtures are one of the easiest to grow. They'll grow fast if planted in the fall and give fresh pickings. If you're growing them outside, use a strong cloche to keep them safe. They're also great for putting plants and containers on the window sill.


You may do successional sowings of hardy lettuces at this time of year. You should now start seeding overwintering varieties like ‘Winter Gem' outside. Take a look at some more of the greatest vegetable crops for saving space.


Late sowing varieties of Cauliflower like Pusa Synthetic, Pusa Sibhra & Punjab Giant 35 should be sown by October. You will be able to harvest these fresh & yummy cauliflowers in winter. It thrives best at 18-20 degrees Celcius.


Although eggplant is accessible all year, the months of July to October are when it is at its best. Eggplant comes in a variety of forms, colors, and sizes, including round, long, purple, pink, and white varieties, but they are all grown in the same way

Growing eggplant begins with sowing seeds, but you may also buy ready-to-plant seedlings at your local nursery.


Turnips are a cool-season vegetable that may be cultivated in the autumn. They mature quickly, and you can enjoy eating the leaves as well as the roots.


Spinach may be planted at any time of year. The optimum period to sow for the winter season is from September to October. This leafy green which is full of nutrients is ready for harvest within 2 months of sowing.

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