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Gondh Ke Laddoo: Step by Step Recipe & Health Benefits of This Winter Delicacy!

M Kanika
M Kanika
Gondh Ke Laddoo
Gondh Ke Laddoo

It’s that time of the year again! This is the time when layers of warm clothes do not seem enough to fight the cold weather outside. Winter is here & so is the time for warm mittens, some delicious seasonal foods & super cozy clothes.

Amidst all these, we can’t forget the diseases, which the season brings along- cold, cough, sore throat is the most common health issues among everyone during the winter season. This is why boosting immunity becomes more important than ever. The best part is is that we don’t need to go to great lengths to prepare immunity-boosting foods. Instead, if you explore, you will definitely find most of the winter delicacies we eat are made with such immunity-boosting nutrients.

Take gondh ka laddoo for instance. The most popular sweet treat in the Northern part of India, gondh ke laddoo is widely prepared during the winter seasons!

What is Gondh?

But, before jumping into the recipe, let’s just understand what exactly the gondh is. Gondh is an edible gum, which is widely used to prepare different nutritionally loaded recipes. Alternatively known as Tragacanth or acacia gum, it is usually sourced from the plant gums. These gum-producing plants are found in the Middle East & parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra & Punjab. It is water-soluble and has long been used as a binding & a thickening agent by food & pharmaceutical industries.

Benefits of Gondh

According to the nutritionist “Gondh has been a part of traditional medical practice for ages. Gondh has no taste or odor & turns into a gel-like substance when soaked in water”.

Ayurveda experts also stated that the gondh is popular for being an immunity-boosting agent. It helps to boost stamina & health. It also helps to boost energy & benefits people with a weak nervous system, depression & anxiety. It helps to manage vitamin D levels in the body and works as a great skincare agent & helps you to treat dry skin problems during winters.

All these factors make gondh ke laddoo, perfect food for winter indulgence.

Below we have mentioned the Step by Step Process of making Gondh ke Laddoo

  • Heat ghee in a pan & fry the gondh, adding little by little. It should not remain raw from the middle & should be completely fried.

  • After frying, keep the gondh aside. Now roast cashews, almonds & makhana one by one in a pan & let it cool down.

  • Again heat a tablespoon of ghee in a pan & add wheat flour & fry it well.

  • Coarsely grind cashew nuts & almonds in the same way grind makhana as well.

  • At the same time, crush the gondh with the help of a ladle or any other thing.

  • Now take the gondh in a bowl, add dry fruits, roasted flour, makhana, cardamom powder & powdered sugar.

  • If needed, heat a spoonful of ghee & put it in it & make laddoos by just mixing all the things well with your hands.

Make this Winter Special Laddoo at home today. And, let us know how do you like it. Enjoy! 

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