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Delhi Residents Can Expect Relief as Monsoon Arrival Scheduled for June 30th

The National Capital residents battling extreme heatwaves can finally sigh relief. The IMD has predicted the arrival of monsoons in Delhi-NCR around June 30th.

Sarbani Bhattacharjee
Delhi NCR Rainfall Predictions (Source: Pixabay)
Delhi NCR Rainfall Predictions (Source: Pixabay)

While residents might have to wait another week for the monsoon's full-fledged arrival, there is a chance of experiencing dust storms and light rainfall activity in Delhi as early as today. The monsoon is expected to bring much-needed relief by lowering the scorching temperatures. Delhi has experienced constant heatwave conditions with temperatures mostly above 40° Celsius. Typically, Delhi shall experience monsoon rains throughout July and August.

Although the heatwave has subsided comparatively, some areas remain under red alert. The MeT department has issued a red alert for West Uttar Pradesh for the next two days due to the persistent heat.

Meanwhile, there is good news for Maharashtra. The monsoon that had weakened after reaching Mumbai, is anticipated to strengthen by June 21-22. This progress will bring much-needed rainfall to the region, offering some relief to North India. Coastal Maharashtra can expect adequate rainfall during this period, while Central Maharashtra, including Marathwada, is likely to receive light to moderate showers.

The monsoon has already arrived in Bihar and Jharkhand. Both these states are experiencing a drop in temperature with light rainfall.

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