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PM Narendra Modi: Both MSP and Govt. Procurement are important for the Nation’s Food Security

PM Modi commented that the legislature is taking endeavors to improve Mandi framework so MSP buying proceeds in a logical manner.

Chintu Das

PM Modi commented that the legislature is taking endeavors to improve Mandi framework so MSP buying proceeds in a logical manner. 

PM Modi said that MSP (Minimum selling price) and government procurement are significant pieces of the nation's food security, and it is very important that both pieces keep on working with improved facilities and in a logical manner. PM Modi included that the government is focused on the acquisition of Agri crops at MSP. Talking after the arrival of a memorial coin of Rs 75 denomination on the 75th commemoration of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), he further added that over the last six years, the government has been putting resources into boosting framework facilities at Agriculture Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs) as they have their own character and quality and they have been in the nation for quite a long time. 

He additionally notified that the administration is taking endeavors to improve Mandi foundation so MSP purchasing proceeds in a logical manner. While the world is battling with the food emergency and unhealthiness in the midst of the Covid emergency, India has given free food grains worth Rs 1.5 lakh crore to almost 80 crore individuals, PM Modi highlighted. With unregulated market access and expanded infrastructure spending, India's horticulture area has seen a lot of significant changes in the last few months. 

Further, the Prime Minister featured that the farmers are being given 17 new assortments of seeds for paddy and wheat crops with an end goal to improve the food circumstance in India. Valuing the proposition of making the year 2023 as International Year of Millets, he said that the move will give two significant advantages, which are improved nourishment and advantage for small farmers . In the interim, new market access has been opened for horticultural products among India and Bhutan, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. The launch of market access between the two nations is required to encourage the exchange of apple, potato, mandarin, ginger, and areca nut from Bhutan to India, and tomato, onion, and okra from India to Bhutan. 

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