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What is the second most consumed beverage in the world?

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

There are many health drinks used by people all over the world. Juices, squashes, coffee, milk, energy drinks and so on. No doubt, the most consumed drink among them is water. But have you ever thought of the second beverage? It is tea! 

Needless to say that tea is commonly used all over the world because it is the favourite drink of all. 78 percentage of total tea consumption is black tea. Remaining 22% is type of tea called green tea. Black tea is made out of dried leaves where as green tea is prepared from green leaves. 

In comparison with the preparation of black tea, the processing of green tea is very simple. The process includes less procedure so that green tea is rich with antioxidants. Polyphenols are also present in green tea.

Everybody knows that China and India are the major countries that supply tea in the world. Both of these countries have been using tea since ancient time for certain treatments such as healing the wounds and stopping blood from cuts. These countries are also aware that green tea is good for the health of heart and mind. This drink is found to be very effective for digestion in case of any abdominal disorders.

The recent researches show that green tea controls the obesity and the related health issues like cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure etc.

It also prevents different kinds of cancer by killing the cancerous cells in the body. The countries where more people use green tea have less cancer rates. The presence of polyphenols in green tea is said to be the cause of this phenomena. The regular use of green tea even resists diseases like Alzheimer’s to a great extant.

Green tea is used to treat skin disorders like dandruff, psoriasis, etc. The moderate consumption of green tea improves the functioning of brain. It is a well known medicine for the health of heart due to the antioxidants .The side effects are less in using green tea in everyday life.

This health drink is available in markets in different forms. It can be had in the form of powder or leaves. It is also available in the form of capsules and sweetened powder. One may have seen tea bags also.

There are different views about the ways of its consumption. One can have it after food in the morning and night. It should be taken in warm water. In empty stomach, green tea may create some health issues.

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