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Pak Cricket Stadium Converted into a Vegetable Farm to Grow Pumpkins & Chillies

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Pak Stadium is now a Vegetable Farm (Pic Credit - Pixabay)

In recent years, the level of enthusiasm for cricket in Pakistan has decreased significantly. The country that was once regarded as one of the cricket's most respected ambassadors is now working hard to get even the basics right. Why has Pakistani cricket suddenly become a topic of discussion?

It was all due to a video from a cricket stadium that went viral on social media. Footage shows Khanewal Stadium in Pakistan's Punjab province, which has been turned shockingly into a pumpkin and chilli farm.

According to ARY News, Khannewal Stadium was said to be the venue for national matches in the Punjab province. The stadium was built with the goal of developing sports in Pakistan at the local level. The stadium was equipped with first-class facilities, including practice areas and pavilions. However, the land has been occupied by farmers, who now grow vegetables such as pumpkins and chillies in the stadium. According to reports, the stadium is under the jurisdiction of the Khanewal district Administration, which seems to have spent crores of rupees to build the land.

A video of the stadium has surfaced just as Pakistan was preparing to resume a full-fledged international cricket match in the country. In September, New Zealand will travel to Pakistan to participate in the White Ball Series, and then to England and Australia in October and February respectively. In 2009, a group of terrorists attacked the bus of the Sri Lanka team and Pakistan's international cricket came to a standstill. The country's cricket board just wants to see positive news as the top teams are getting ready to visit Pakistan after an 11-year hiatus, so these images of Khannewal Stadium would sting administrators.

As far as the Pakistan national team is concerned, Babar Azam-led team is currently playing for a two-match test series in the West Indies. The West Indies beat Pakistan by 1 wicket in the thrilling first test match on 15th August. The second test match between the two sides will begin on 20th August.

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